Having visited Disney parks many times over the last 15 years, my wife and I have discovered many ways to save money, while still enjoying fun Disney vacations. Inside you will find tips, tricks, and reviews for many aspects of Disneyland, Disney World, Disney Cruise Line vacations as well as for those who want to buy into the Disney Vacation Club. Our hope is to help you make precious memories with your children like we have with ours.

You will find many posts for different topics which are organized by category. Feel free to look around and hopefully find some tips or tricks to help you plan your Disney vacation. If this site helps you, please do share it using the social media links.

Our history: My wife and I lived in Los Angeles for many years with season passes to Disneyland. Having since moved out of state, we have started a family, but absence makes the heart grow fonder. Because of this, we have bought into the Disney Vacation Club on both coast's and travel a few times per year to one of the parks where we have made many amazing memories.

I am looking for people that love Disney that would like to post news items. Also looking for people who live near the parks that can take pictures. If interested, please use the contact form to contact me. If you operate a blog and point a link to me that is also much appreciated.