Mickey’s Check – Kid’s Meal Changes

mickeys check

Mickey’s Check – Kid’s Meal Changes

You will now need to check Disneyland and Disney World menu’s for future dining for the kids options to see if there are items your pickey eaters will eat. Disney has changed up the menu’s to have a more rounded meals for your children. You now many not be able to find pizza, chicken nuggets, or macaroni and cheese.

This change to the kids menu has been done at both quick service restaurants as well as table service. It id to meet calorie, saturated gat, sodium, and sugar 2006 nutrition guidelines.

So, what kind of changes will you have? How about a seared salmon, spaghetti, broccolini and frsh fruit at the Blue Bayou in Disneyland. Le Cellier will have a grilled sirlion with green beans and brown rice.

How will these changes affect your dining? Do you like them? No matter – I do believe that parents should be given a choice and I do have a nephew that will only eat chicken nuggets and pizza (I know – not good) and I wonder what his parents would do with this new Disney Menu.

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